q & a's about eyelash extensions

Do eyelash extensions hurt?
Do eyelash extensions

Absolutely not! Nothing about the whole process should hurt. It is an extremely relaxing procedure.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

What can't I do when wearing eyelash extensions?

Please don't pull, tug or rub your extensions. No oil based products (makeup, sunscreen, serums) are to be used on your face after they are applied as it will affect your eyelash retention

What can't I

What can't I do?

Am I allowed to wear makup with eyelash extensions?

Please don't wear eye makeup to the appointment. Mascara should not ever be required but you can wear other face makeup once the lashes have cured

Am I allowed to wear

Am I allowed to wear makeup?

Do my lash extensionsneed cleaning?
Do my extensions need

YES!!! You will be given an aftercare package and educated on how to clean & the importance of cleaning.

Do my extensions need cleaning?

How often will I need infills for eyelash extensions?

This varies from person to person, however most clients required top ups every 2-3 weeks. Our prices reflect how regularly you require infills

How often will I need

How often will I need infills?